Though it’s often overlooked in the initial stages of planning a house, designing a laundry – especially in the traditional manner – can create a very functional room that doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space.
Here’s how:

Place Appliances Under the Work Counter

This suggestion may seem obvious.But it is amazing how many homeowners place the equipment on one wall of the room, and any counter space on the other.

Add Plenty of Cabinets

Whether you use the cabinets for the various detergents and fabric softeners you need, to store extra towels and sheets or even a TV to pass the time, the extra space will certainly be appreciated by the entire family.


Just like the kitchen.The laundry room has three main work areas – the pre-treatment area near the sink.The counter above the washer and dryer as well as the folding table. Include this excellent strategy even if it means adding a separate folding table in the middle of the room.

traditional laundry room design

Source: Houzz

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